Super cute items on their way! Check out 2  new items below. They will be listed on our Etsy shop soon. This spring brings with it some cute boy essentials as well as adorable styles for girls! As usual, all handmade and original by harperOlive, including the artwork on this skirt and t-shirt.
We are so excited to be doing our spring styles and also excited for the weather to eventually warm up. Many exciting things are coming for harperOlive, we will keep you posted as things progress.
Don't forget to check out our clothing ad and our pieces that were featured in The Babyguide magazine!
And alas... we had to say goodbye to our good friend Jennie Cudmore's store, Crunchy Granola Baby in Salem, Ma. She was the only store owner who took the time to meet with us, gave us and our clothing a chance and was super excited about carrying our items. Not to mention how great the store was and how much it will be missed. 
So... been getting back into the swing of things and creating again! I also got around to taking some new pictures of our new stuff.  In case you missed them on the main page, I loaded them here as well.  The holidays are approaching quickly and we are anxiously awaiting the release of The Baby Guide Magazine with both our ad and feature of our products in the pictures! 
In the next month hopefully I will have some more great winter hats and at least one holiday dress to add to the collection. I'll keep you posted! Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!
Hi everyone!  I have been busy at work the past 3 weeks with 3 new items! A much anticipated boy coat is up on the website photos  and will be up on Etsy soon! I wish I had a boy to dress in it! This is harperOlive's first boy item.. hopefully more to come. Check out the cute mimosa colored gathered shirt and 
Wow, it's been a long time since I have blogged or sewed for that matter! I just got in some new fabric and already created a dress! Fall is in the air and this time of year is great. I am finding a lot of inspiration in the weather and the colors outside. 
Some new hats are also in the works. New bright colors and some toasty warm hats for winter! 
We got a great product review from Survey Junkie on our Ruffled Swing Jacket and we are soo glad they loved it as much as we do. If you want to check it out go to She has great reviews as well as great giveaways. 
Yesterday, September 1, 2010 the harperOlive giveaway with the IndieTot began. We are giving away one of our Owl-lined hoodie jackets! To enter you need to go to for details. Choose one item from our products you love and comment on the IndieTot, it's that easy. Additional entries rules are listed on the page.

Good Luck.

Other than that great news, we are also submitting our Ruffled Swing Coat for a product review on Survey Junkie, More details when it is posted on that site. 

I (Alycia) have been hard at work on some new cute hats for fall! I love fall and am very excited to learn that pumpkin spice flavor is now back at my favorite coffee shops! Now if only the pesky hot weather would cool off.
Well, it has been a fast few weeks, as we have been on vacation and enjoying what is left of summer. Both Nikki and I have been busy setting up our sewing areas in our homes. It will be nice to finally have a place to go to when we need our supplies and fabric and not have 3 different places for it. We just got done discussing more items for the fall line and are excited about an upcoming giveaway with The IndieTot for our Owl corduroy Jacket!  The rain this week is not leaving me feeling very motivated, so hopefully some sunshine tomorrow!
Finally finished this dress today.... it was a tough one to construct, definitely a very ambitious project. I finished it just in time for Harper to be up from her nap to let her try it on and run around a little!
So this week has been very busy for me. We are working on more Fall 2010 items and trying to get our name out there. I am putting the finishing touches on a cute flapper inspired dress and also running through new ideas for other shirts and jackets. I also have updated the website! This is a new adventure, but hopefully it will be a very great one for us.