So... been getting back into the swing of things and creating again! I also got around to taking some new pictures of our new stuff.  In case you missed them on the main page, I loaded them here as well.  The holidays are approaching quickly and we are anxiously awaiting the release of The Baby Guide Magazine with both our ad and feature of our products in the pictures! 
In the next month hopefully I will have some more great winter hats and at least one holiday dress to add to the collection. I'll keep you posted! Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!
Yesterday, September 1, 2010 the harperOlive giveaway with the IndieTot began. We are giving away one of our Owl-lined hoodie jackets! To enter you need to go to www.theindietot.com for details. Choose one item from our products you love and comment on the IndieTot, it's that easy. Additional entries rules are listed on the page.

Good Luck.

Other than that great news, we are also submitting our Ruffled Swing Coat for a product review on Survey Junkie, www.sjunkie.com. More details when it is posted on that site. 

I (Alycia) have been hard at work on some new cute hats for fall! I love fall and am very excited to learn that pumpkin spice flavor is now back at my favorite coffee shops! Now if only the pesky hot weather would cool off.